Besides the usual business, I always like to get involved in other “spare-time” projects. Here’s an abstract of projects I am or was involved in.

Commando XR

Since I’ve always wanted to develop a game myself and I love how HoloLens blends virtual worlds with the real world, I’ve started developing Commando XR. Developing games is not quite easy, since there’s many disciples involved and it requires a lot of time. I am hoping to be able to release some in-game footage soon, since I’ve made a lot of progress in the last couple of months. Nevertheless, Commando XR is a free-time project I am using to strengthen my Mixed Reality development skills.

Skills & Technologies

  • Unity 3D Development
  • blender for 3D Modeling
  • Substance Painter for Texturing
  • .NET / UWP / C# Development

Game Website on Unity Connect


GameShare was a trading platform where users could trade video games. It offered a regional search for games, a built-in chat and many more cool features. Unfortunately I had to take the app down, since the user base did not expand as expected and digital games are widely spread now and cannot be traded like physical copies. Nevertheless, GameShare was great learning and a fun project to do.

Skills & Technologies

  • Windows Phone (WinRT) app development (mainly)
  • Android app development (supporting)
  • iOS app development (mainly)
  • Backend development (REST API / Database / Azure Mobile Services / Node.js)

GameShare Screenshots

Pocket Beans

Pocket Beans offers users an integrated live stream (Twitch TV) of the Rocket Beans TV channel. It also features a twitter feed, a schedule as well as a media library with recorded content from the channel.

Skills & Technologies

  • iOS app development

Pocket Beans Screenshots