RS4 system update (April Update) for HoloLens now available

22 May 2018

The long awaited Redstone 4 update for the HoloLens system software is now available via Device Recovery Tool! What are you waiting for? You can find instructions on how to update in the official release notes

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Designing cars with Microsoft HoloLens

25 February 2018

(c) medialesson. Source.

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Unity 2017.2.0f3 is the latest version ready for HoloLens development

31 December 2017

If you are a HoloLens developer I’d like to let you know that all versions above 2017.2.0f3, including 2017.3, have an issue with the stabilization plane, which leads to Holograms stuttering and jittering as well as the device loosing tracking of the environment. So your best bet right now is to not update until the issue is resolved.

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InputManager freezes Unity Editor

23 October 2017

Here’s another really weird thing I stumpled upon today and wanted to share fellow HoloLens developers. During a Workshop I held some of the attendees had newly set up machines with Windows not being in Developer Mode. Whenever they tried and used the InputManager prefab from the MRTK, Unity would just freeze. The solution is as simple as you guessed:

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InputManager in Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unity 2017.2 issues

18 October 2017

Like many others, I was eager to update Unity to the newly released 2017.2 version and get started with HoloLens and WMR development there. Unfortunately I’ve a lot of issues getting my applications to work properly with the new editor and the latest MRTK. Input by air tap and gaze just doesn’t seem to work for some reason. The MRTK home page states there is a bug waiting to be fixed in the editor and advises to wait with the 2017.2 update until it’s fixed. Maybe you want to wait too.

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Unity 2017.2 now available

12 October 2017

Following the recent update of Visual Studio, today another important tool for mixed reality developers has been updated: The Unity engine is now publicly available in version 2017.2, which adds new support for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets as well as Vuforia integration right out of the editor. What are you waiting for, go get it!

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Visual Studio 2017.4 Update available

11 October 2017

Microsoft has released Update 4 for its Visual Studio IDE which you can get here. It adds some cool new stuff, like the Fall Creators Update SDK which contains Fluent Design controls for you to use. Also, that annoying Copy / Paste bug was fixed. Check it out!

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Spatial perception needed when exporting anchors

25 September 2017

Today I learnt something about anchors I want to share real quick here because it might save you some headache. When working on a multilens application where you need to share / export anchors across devices, make sure you set the spatial perception capability. Even if you don’t really need spatial mapping data in your application specifically. Apparently to export the anchor it is required. If you don’t set it, you will run into an error saying: “Failed to create anchor AccessDenied 0”

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