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Hi! I'm Dino Fejzagić, a developer at day
and a developer at night


Here's some of the projects I was or still am involved in. For a full list please visit my projects page.

GameShare Windows App


graga casual game


Pocketbeans iOS App

Pocketbeans iOS

Commando XR Mixed Reality game

Commando XR

City Navigator Windows App

City Navigator

Sidequest Android App


About Me

Hello, my name is Dino and this is Jackass! Oh man, that was so funny I laughed so hard I almost stopped coding for a second… Anyway, as mentioned above my name is Dino and I am a developer living in Germany and loving everything about Mixed / Virtual and Augmented Reality. My tools of choice include Unity3D, Visual Studio and Blender to create awesome stuff. My main programming language is C# but I am more or less fluent in Java and Swift too. I’ve been developing mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows for years now and still do. Whether it’s native Android using Java, iOS with Swift or Windows with C#, count me in! Many times I think there’s no good reason not to use Xamarin and C# for all three of them, though! I am glad you found my website where I share some of my thoughts. Keep in touch, if you want!

# Skills Overview .NET Development with C#, Java, Swift, Android App Development, iOS App Development, Windows Development, UWP, HTML / CSS, TypeScript / JavaScript, Unity 3D, blender, Substance Painter, Mixed Reality Development (AR / VR / MR) ## Certifications * Unity Certified Developer * Microsoft Certified App Builder * Microsoft Certified Professional * Microsoft Certified Software Developer: Universal Windows Platform ## More about me * [LinkedIn Profile](https://www.linkedin.com/in/dino-fejzagic/) * [Xing Profile](https://www.xing.com/profile/Dino_Fejzagic/) * [GitHub Profile](https://github.com/FejZa) * [Twitter](https://www.twitter.com/DFejzagic)


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